Eau Claire

J. Kenneth Davidson Sr., Ph.D.
Grad. of: University of Florida
Dept. of Sociology & Anthro.
University of Wisconsin
Eau Claire WI 54702
Phone: (715)836-4178
ABS Certification No. 1710
ABS Board Certified Sex Researcher
Natl Coun. on Fam. Relations
Family Life Educator


Jeffrey Jon Patterson, D.O.
Grad. of: Kirksville College of Osteopathy
2532 Balden Street
Madison WI 53713-1018
Phone: (608)256-3983
ABS Certification No. 1926
ABS Board Certified Sex Therapist


Robert W. Richter
Grad. of:
1400 N. Prospect Ave.
Suite 216
Milwaukee WI 53202-3039