Jay Ann Jemail, Ph.D.
Grad of: SUNY at Stonybrook
5829 Kennett Pike
Centreville DE 19807-1124
Phone: (302) 655-7461
email: jayjemail@comcast.net
ABS Certification No. 1447
ABS Board Certified Sex Therapist
ABS Examiner



Kelly J. Ace, Ph.D., J.D.
Grad of: IASHS
6 N. Stuyvesant Drive
Wilmington DE 19809
Phone: (267) 934-3242
email: Kelly@kellyace.com
ABS Certification No. 2583
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist

Debra Laino, DHS
Grad of: IASHS
Wilmington, DE
Phone: (302) 521-8258
email: docdebdog@yahoo.com
ABS Certification No. 2783
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
Board Certified Professional Counselor
Adjunct Instructor Wilmington University and University of Phoenix

Marsha S. Orlov, Ed.D.
Grad. of: University of Virginia
2601 Annand Drive
Suite 7
Wilmington DE 19808-3719
Phone: (302) 994-4014
ABS Certification No. 1782
Clinical Fellow, AACS
ABS Board Certified Sex Therapist